Memorandum To: Niesha P., Customer Care Specialist CC: From: Henry R. D Date: 4/15/2014 Re: Worx Trimmer Charger This is my experience with the Worx 24Volt Lithium power trimmer. I purchased this trimmer in Spring 2014 at the local Lowes Home Improvement store. I assembled this trimmer per the instructions provided, operated it in dry conditions, and stored it indoors in favorable climatic state. The trimmer was functional in Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2013. On a full charge it operated for 20 minutes and required 2 hours and 15 minutes for a recharge. In the Spring of 2114 I operated this trimmer until the battery was discharged. I attempted to charge the battery but the charger was inoperative. I tested the charger on several outlets throughout the house to avail. I visited the local Lowes Home Improvement store to acquire a new charger but the representative stated that they did not carry them. He further stated that I needed to visit the Worx home page. I accessed the Worx homepage and was unable to locate the chargers for Worx trimmers. I emailed a Customer Care Specialist and he stated that chargers aren’t available on the website. Again I emailed a Customer Care Specialist and he stated that I could purchase a charger by phoning. u201cThank you for your email. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. The charger that you would need is $49.99 plus $5.13 of shipping and handling.u201d

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