Company Name: WRIGHT FLOORING INCCategory: Flooring Sales/Installation/RepairWork Done: Yes/IncompleteHire Again: NoApproximate Cost: $6,800.00Description Of Work: I recently hired this company to raise the subflooring and put wood flooring all through the house. To my surprise the estimate was not exactly what I was suppose to get according to what was on the contract. I was told that the total days to complete the job was two days no more than three. We are now on week two. The owner of the company was very unprofessional he put in the contract things that I was suppose to get but I did not receive. In the beginning I had Wrights Flooring come out and give me an estimate on fixing my subflooring to level it out and lay wood floors through out my Living room, family room and office. I was told by the owner the way to level out the subflooring was to build it up with wood, and at that time they were very professional and took the time to look over the floors, answer any questions I had, and they were very confident in the work that they were going to do. The time from start to finish was reasonable 2-3 days. I accepted the contract.Member Comments: On the first day to my surprise I got a phone call from the owner saying the subflooring wasn’t off that it was the kitchen net so the owner said you are going to have to trust me on this one so I trusted him. When I came home it went from using wood to build the subflooring to using Play Sand. I brought it to their attention and the answer I got was they teach you that in wood flooring school. I had several confrontations with the owner. I decided to let them finish to see what the end product was and they had already received their payment. When the product was finished, I have a gap between the thresh hold and the angled cut due to improper mitre cuts in my floor, glue on my floor that I can’t get up, I was told I was going to have quite walk padding paper laid they used floor muffier paper so when you walk you can hear hollow wood sounds, and no phone calls returned to fix it.

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