Complaint: The new scam from Chris Daskalakis that you should be aware of: Hello folks, I am doing this so that other hard working americans don’t lose there life savings like the 30 plus franchisees did. Below i am going to attach what the state of Washington found Chris Daskalakis guilty of. I will attach a PDF of what the state found on him. I will also post the states site if you would like to go there. This is the link to washington states website. Go to the middle of the page and open the S13 link. I copied this from the states website. You can download the PDF here. Its the S-13 link. It will give you all the information about what he did to a fellow american in Washington State. Mr. Oil Saver, LLC; Mr. Fire Safety, LLC; and Chris Daskalakis u2013 S-13-1280-13-CO01 u2013 Consent Order On January 30, 2014, the Securities Division entered into a Consent Order with Mr. Oil Saver, LLC; Mr. Fire Safety, LLC; and Chris Daskalakis. In the Consent Order, the Securities Division alleged that Mr. Oil Saver, LLC and Mr. Fire Safety, LLC violated the registration provision of the Washington State Franchise Protection Act (the Act). The Division further alleged that Mr. Oil Saver, LLC and Chris Daskalakis violated the disclosure document and anti-fraud provisions of the Act. Without admitting or denying the Securities Divisionu2019s allegations, Respondents each agreed to cease and desist from violating the Act. Respondents further agreed to reimburse the Securities Division $3,000 for its costs of investigation. Respondents each waived their right to a hearing and judicial review of the matter. Folks again I am doing this to hopefully stem off some potential victims from losing there money. Approx. 30 of us invested in his Mr Oil Saver franchise. He ended up tanking it becuase his wife Pauline Daskalakis spent all of his money. They walked away without offering any sort of refund. I was instead threatend with a lawsuit after i had requested my money back. Open up both sites and ask yourself why there are two different companies but both are the same and are from the same guy Chris Daskalakis. Folks he is asking 80,000 dollars for this scam of his. They have two different businesses but they are exactly the same thing and under the same roof. Why would they have two different businesses with the exact same services? Its becuase these guys are scammers. These guys have opened up more than 20 businesses already. Below is a link to some of them that are recent. These guys come up with a businees model were they open up and business and they sell territories to you. Others that have complained about him . Folks they have scammed so many of us that its unreal to think that they haven’t gone to jail yet. Below I will post links to his many other scams that he is asking so much money for. These sharks go after only the people that can’t afford to take him to court like himself. The state of florida stilllll hasn’t done anything about these two scammers but there are about 6 registration states that are going after him now. Washinton state just got through with him. Below are some of his businesses that he has scammed millions out of . I advise you look them up if your really trying to buy a business from this guy. I advise that you google everyone of these businesses. These are just some of the scam businesses that they have come up with. Whatever they can come up with and sell as a territory to a unsuspecting person like myself. Once you buy something you start to see the real people that they are. They say that they are christian but they steal millions of dollars from Americans and threaten you if you ask for your money back. This is why they don’t sell you a franchise that is in a registration state. The states don’t go after them in a non registration state. Conclusion here: By now if you had read and followed everything that I posted then you should definitely be aware of what this scamming duo does. There’s no contesting against any of this evidence. Its all public knowledge. Again please never ever ever put your money into this couples hands. If you do you will never see it again like me and many others across the US. good luck and I hope I have kept you from wasting your money with this guy.

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