I ordered this purse from these guys and within two weeks of delivery it started to fall apart, small threads holding handle to bag. I reported this in an email and sent pics along with it. The guy (Godsun Lee) said to buy a new purse and he would send a new handle to replace the defective one. Of course i said that was crazy, why waste more money for garbage! i asked him over and over again to fix the problem as i had taken very good care of the purse and on their website they claim to have a return policy. Of course they wont honor the return even though i have email evidence of dates and such. Now the whole handle has split in two where the threading was loose and i cant use it anymore. I already know i am not getting a new purse or money back, just want to warn anyone who might be foolish to use there site. STAY AWAY FROM www.replica-louis.com

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