This company has broken the FTC rule from 1979 that every prospective buyer of a business opportunity must receive the FTC disclosure statement at least 10 days before signing a binding contract or paying money (or other consideration) to the seller. I have never received one from them. nThey may also be guilty of making earnings statements in their advertising since there are no disclaimers. They have changed their advertising since I purchased their opportunity. I have copies of their original ads. nApproximately half of the people that have their names listed on Windthing’s website ( as of 12/2003 as dealers have either quit the business and or have stopped dealing with Windthing. These people have paid from $3,000 to $20,975 each and have left because David made promises verbally or in writing that he has not kept. nI have notified David that my last order had the wrong merchandise, the wrong prices and was sent six to eight weeks later than I would have had any use for it. He stated four times that he would have a call tag (prepaid return pick-up) sent. Seven plus months later the order is still sitting here. nThe Hills have been given numerous chances to remedy all of this. Their lawyer says that they respectfully decline, and they apparently don’t care about FTC rules or any government agencies either. nMore information and documentation can be provided as needed. nMikenFairhaven, MassachusettsU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.


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