I am so frustrated with this company. I was lied to about the payments and everytime i try calling i can never get through! I agreed to pay $160 a month because that is all i can afford, i am trying to save for my wedding. as of now i am paying $454+. nThe salesman BRIAN CORELY, told me not to worry because everything was included in the $160. and everytime i could get through to the company, he said the same thing. i have received so many seperate bills, and not to mention a $3000 credit card opened which i was unaware of. nThis company has bascially ruined my wedding and honeymoon. Not only can i not save for my wedding but i am actually finding myself withdrawing from the wedding acct just to pay these bills. nI have tried contacting several people..(Better Business Bureau, State attorney, etc) and got nothing.nIt seems like this company has been doing this to other people from what i read. why cant we do something about it?nI really need some help as i cannot afford this.nPlease HELP! nItz_mykenYork, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

100 S. North Carolina Avenue Atlantic City, New Jersey U.S.A.


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