Complaint: My son is stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska with the US Army. Anyone who has lived in Alaska knows that a vehicle is a value commodity. My son purchased a Ford Explorer from another military man that was leaving. Part of the agreement was to include the extended care warranty that was already on the vehicle. No information was sent to him to explain the procedure and when the vehicle needed fixing he contacted the company to see where he could take the vehicle to repair. After putting $1400 dollars of work into it just to get it running again, he notified them of the repair. He was originally told to send the receipt and it would be processed. That was in April of 2002. Here it is November 2002, the PFC will be transferred in 4 months and can not get his truck repaired again because he has not received his reimbursement from the last repair. I have requested that he contact the Better Business and his base commander but as most are aware the military has been on alert and he has spent much time out in the field. He needs his money to get his vehicle ready for shipping. If they are not going to do as they say they should not be allowed to sell anything. He has called numerous times and is either told its in the mail or they have to research the matter. Its bad enought to get ripped off as an ordinary citizen but to ripoff the millitary soldier is unspeakable. Dottie Abilene, Texas

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