I bought Xidu Philpad from their website, and it supposed to come with free laptop bag and xidu gaming mouse. The laptop bag came as promised, they use Amazon company as their warehouse in USA, so Amazon is sending their product. Now as the mouse, when I opened the bag, it wasn’t a computer type gaming mouse, in fact it was a toy squeaky mouse. Two weeks later the Xidu Philpad came, as the mouse after those 2 weeks, the company still didn’t response of their mistake and Amazon claim they have no idea about the order or a record of their shipment even though I had the tracking and the box with Amazon name on it. After a month kept emailing them or leaving chat message on the website, finally got the respond that they were on vacation and they already sent me a new gaming mouse, which I got them 2 weeks later. A month after that the philpad didn’t want to hold the charge on battery, after I unplug the charging cord, 5 minutes later, it shut down. So I try to contact Xidu again, after a week and half, they told me to send them video of the problem, the next day they said that it’s nothing wrong with it, just try to reinstall the software. I emailed them back saying it’s not software issue, it’s clearly the battery, but if they said it’s the software glitch then they still have to take it back and reinstall for me because it’s their responsibility. After that I didn’t get anymore respond from them and they cut off their communication with me.So basically I got scammed $400 by buying a broken piece of junk tablet from them.