It all started about 2 months ago. I purchased a customized laptop from XTechnology and the subtotal came to $1123.76. Within 4-5 days the laptop came to my door and everything seemed to work fine. nThe very next day after receiving it is when I started having problems. The laptop started rebooting on its own. The first time it happened I ignored it and went on with my business. But when it happened and 2nd and 3rd time I decided to find out some information on XTechnology, and performed a Google Search. I was very suprised to find out there were MANY people having the same problem with the XTechnology Laptops. nI tried contacting them for over a week with no responce. I finally had to “threaten”” them and say I was going to get legal advice. Odd enough

I had a reply the very same day. nI sent the laptop back to them (i had to pay for shipping) and they had it for a week or two. I was told it had bad RAM and they had replaced it. They sent it back and funny enough it still had the same problem. nSo again

I sent it back to them (i had to pay for shipping

again!) and this time they sent it to the manufacturer. It’s now been a month later and they just mailed it back to me today. I’m hoping that when I receive it this time it will finally be fixed

because I can assure you I will not send it back to them again. I have already got the BBB involved and needless to say XTechnology was not too happy. nI should receive it on 8/15/05