I got an email from what I thought was Target to do mystery shopping. Since I shop there all the time anyways I figured "why not?". Then received a packet via priority mail and it contained a cashiers check for $******** from Regions Bank along with my assignment on a Target stationary. The instructions noted to please confirm receipt of the package to [email protected] and cc [email protected] in order to receive the questionnaire that would need to be completed as well. My instructions were to go straight to the bank and cash the check for record purpose and if unable to cash the check same day, kindly deposit it and funds will be available within 24 hours. Deduct $*** for your service and proceed to 2 different Target stores in my location to shop groceries my personal use and shop iTunes cards. There have been complaints about rudeness of staffs, unprofessional behavior and lack of coordination. The business is competitive and they are losing customers. Assignment Expenditure Breakdown: 1st Target Store. A). Shop groceries for personal use: $** B). Shop $*** x 7 iTunes cards: $*** 2nd Target Store A). Shop $*** x 7 iTunes cards & $*** $** x 1 iTunes card. I was to scratch off back of card and send pictures and then keep the cards until I was notified to send them to Apple. I contacted Target and was informed that Target does not have mystery shoppers.