Complaint: Be careful people if you see this Arab guy Yazen J Qafisheh (YJQ) at your doorstep claiming that your property has hail damage then it means the damage is already done to your property, not by hails but by this Arab guy Yazen J Qafisheh or any of his accomplice. MR. YJQ will show you the selfmade hail damage to solicit for business, what business? yes it is Blue Rose Restorations 672 E. Irving Park Rd. Suite 131, Roselle, Il 60172 Ph. 847-466-5271, Fx.847-466-5272 [email protected] License # 104015253 ——————————————————————— 6320 Monona Dr. Suite 209, Madison, Wi 53716 Ph. 847-466-5271, Fx. 847-466-5272 [email protected] License # 1080364 ——————————————————————– 7939 E. Arapahoe Rd. Suite 265, Greenwood Village, Co 80112 Ph. 303-220-1606, Fx. 303-220-1609 [email protected] License # 240729 Blue Rose Restorations uses Mr. YJQ to solicit their Business and MR. YJQ is their Field Rep. Since Mr. YJQ has been active in many neighborhoods causing so called hail damages, he has got attention from quite a few people and there are some eye witnesses, like the CBS news reporter caught another guy from Blue Rose Restorations Mr. YJQ is still out there in Roselle, Schaumburg, Hanover Park and adjoining locations, but soon he will reap what he has sowed. This Arab guy YJQ is very active in the Internet reviews and cleaning digital Sh*t, so soon you will see something like that. ” The person who is trying to defame Mr. YJQ is absolutely wrong

Tags: Sales People

Address: this is a slander

Website: we’ll get you from your IP Address “” from alphabetagamma Mr. YJQ should start practicing- how to pickup soap in the shower

Phone: this is a defamation of fuc*n character