We received a fax on 12/12/16 from yellow marketing, LTD asking us to verify our business information. The business information they had on file was wrong and needed to be updated. A employee corrected the business information and signed the form and faxed back. The employee was not authorized to secure any advertising contract for our company. He did not give the information to me, the business owner, who is authorized to enter into a advertising contract. A month later I received an invoice for $1104 for my advertising contract. I knew I never authorized advertising with this company who was asking us to remit payment to Germany. I immediately identified the bill as a scam and threw it away. Within another 30 days we receive another bill with $230 additional late charge fees along with a screen shot of their website where our business is listed with them. It was at this time my employee brought me the bill, the screen shot, and showed me that he faxed in the reply to correct our business address. I called the phone number on the invoice and explained that I have never authorized any advertising with their company, that I want it removed from their website, and will not be paying their bill. They said that because my employee signed the "authorized signature" line that authorizes him to enter a contract for me. I disagreed with her. They have sent me a letter saying they are passing my bill to their legal department and that if I don’t remit payment this may affect the credit rating of my business.