Complaint: It seems that I am not the only one who is a victim here. Yellow Pages Online Services is a complete scam! Do not fall for their tactics. Just as others here have posted, I received something in the mail advertising for a free online ad. Being a new business, I was all for it. A couple of weeks later, I got an invoice for $300+. I did not submit a payment since I was not spending that much money for an ad. I looked into it closer and realized it was not even associated with Yellow Pages at all. A month or so later, I get another email stating I owe them late fees and if I do not pay, it will go to collections. I spoke with “Malivin”” as well. He claims to be a resolution manager. The resolution would be for them to stop scamming people. Do not let these people threaten you with collections. They are a scam and looking for people who are willing to fall for it. I hope this report helps those of you out there who may get a call from these scammers.”

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Phone: (888) 993 2872 Ext. 733