My family went to this store to browse furniture. We were looking for a new table set and right when we entered, one of the workers found us and started talking to us. She showed us a couple sets and we told her that we were going to continue looking around ourselves. After several minutes of browsing, we realized she was literally trailing us, but we paid no mind. When we finally found a table set, she helped us out and the purchase went smoothly. That was the only semi okay part of our experience with Ashley Furniture. When delivery came two weeks later, the table was badly damaged, and they sent us two wrong chairs. The delivery guys were nice and informed customer service for us, and told us that customer service was going to call us back about the new deliveries. We waited a whole week and no one called us, so we decided to call the store ourselves, to which one of the workers told us their manager wasn’t there at the moment and would call us back before the day ended. Their manager didn’t.They finally called us again two weeks later telling us that they’d deliver on a certain date. When delivery came again, the delivery guy asked us if we received a phone call from customer service. We said yes, that they’d asked to confirm the delivery to us. But he told us that they were supposed to call us to tell us that the chairs we had ordered were no longer in stock, which, THEY DIDN’T.We still haven’t received our furniture, and are getting really impatient over this.This was the second time in a row that Ashley messed up our order. This place has absolutely horrible service and terrible efficiency and dependability. If there was an option to give 0 stars I would. The only thing that I had a pleasant experience with was the delivery guys. They were really nice, patient, and helpful. Something the rest of Ashley’s staff needs to learn from.

7310 Miramar Rd. San diego, California USA

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