YES PLUMBING! The Yes man CANT!n nI had a water main break at the house with a water leak coming up from the front lawn near the box where the main cutoff is. nI called YES to come out with the hopes of a quick repair- Unfortunately, they quoted me $5,000 to fix the problem by running a whole new line and trying into the house. This would also include permitting it with the city. All told 2 day job. Every time I would ask about just digging up and fixing the problem rather than run a whole new line they would come up with some excuse and stir the conversation back to installing a whole new line.n nI called someone else who came out and fixed the problem in 2 hours by , get this.. digging up and repairing the line. It was the fitting where the street line connects to the house line. nI had called YES, because I had heard there radio commercial several times on the radio. I assume most people probably fall for the slick sales tactics of these people, but hopefully you have read this review and are now a little bit MORE cautious when calling a service for a repair.

6275 South Pioneer Way Las Vegas, Nevada United States of America