Complaint: I came upon aka aka and wanted to make a $10 US dollars payment. I thought it was unusual for them to ask for my 4 digit password but it wasn’t until an hour later that I called Vanilla debit card and found that a man by the name of Bill Garofalo of Competition Cars Inc out of Myrtle Beach, S. Carolina took the $200 from that debit card. The Vanilla debit card said they would immediately put a stop on the transaction but I had to tell them that my friend lent me that card to make a measly $10 US dollars payment. I immediately contacted the number they gave to me of this person who is associated with YesBackpage and when I contacted him to ask for my money back and he replied that I wouldn’t get it back and he’d like to see me try. I also made contact through all their emails but to this date no one has taken responsibility for the theft of $200 with the exception of the moron who owns “Competition Cars Inc”” with the number “”843-796-0968″”. I kept all screenshots of the so called $10 US dollars transaction and recorded my calls with these thieves. They’re all over the internet as scammers but I didn’t know until I was ignored by them and then called every derogatory name imaginable by them. According to these thieves my friend and I have to drink a liter of whiskey just to get out of bed

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Address: we do crack and we suck c**k so we’ll never be able to have any other form of employment. It appears that their ads on their site are all fake to make them appear to be successful. I also didn’t notice this until I actually went back to look at their site. Neither my friend nor I do drugs or drink whiskey but these uncouth

Website: unprofessional thieves found it amusing to claim to accuse us of wild

Phone: uneducated