Dealing with this so-called online retailer has been the absolute worst experience I have ever had as a consumer! I placed an order for a couple of clothing items on 9/1/2013. The website explicitly states that there is a 1-2 week shipping timeframe. I thought that was rather lengthy but decided that maybe it is an upstart company and short-staffed. I contacted the company on 9/16 using the toll-free number provided on the site: simply to inquire about shipping because the shipping window had expired. A support rep (or who I initially thought was support) apologized but told me the items would ship on 9/20 and there was a delay because of the holiday. She also said I would get email confirmation. Iu2019m a reasonable person and the explanation was plausible so I went with it. Well, I never got the confirmation. So, later on in the afternoon on 9/20 I called support for an explanation. There was no answer. An hour or so later I called again; I was routed to voicemail. I then emailed support requesting a callback. The website stipulates 24 hour turnaround on a reply. Monday, on 9/23 I received no such email, so I called again several times 9/23-9/25. Again, my call was routed to voicemail. At this point, Iu2019m thinking my calls are being scanned and this toll free number is actually being routed to the Proprietoru2019s personal phone because what reputable business is never available to answer calls??? Fed up at the lack of communication, I went to Twitter on 9/25 and demanded some sort of response. Low and behold I got an email almost immediately. I knew then, the owner of the site was a young person. I was told the purchase was scheduled to ship on 9/27 (an apparent lie) or if I preferred, it would be cancelled immediately. I replied REFUND IMMEDIATELY! In my mind immediately means just that. I understand that it would not happen instantaneously but 2-3 days is sufficient enough time for a reversal especially if the items never shipped. A week later I checked my checking account and there was no credit. So, I am pissed at this point! I call, email and nothing!! I filed a complaint with BBB and a week after doing so the company is no longer listed with BBB. Ironic, huh?! Seeing that, I decide that I am done dealing with these thieves and just contact my bank in order to file a dispute. 24 hrs later the money is back in my account while they investigate (gotta love credit unions!) This is my PSA to consumers: BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

Atlanta, Georgia USA


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