This is a message to any and all women. The woman shown above, is a person many people know. You might think she is just as sweet as pie & from interacting with her at her place of employment, MAC in the Turtle Creek mall. But in reality, all she is, is a backstabbing, manipulating wh*re. She will take your friendship & slap you in the f*cking face. She’s VERY sneaky… She will go behind your back & try to take your husband/wife. That’s just what happened. She used our moment of weakness to slide in & get close to my mine! Her mama must have not taught her to NOT MESS with something that’s not yours! What kind of person goes behind their friends back to have an affair with a friends spouse & holds on for over 2 years, hoping that person will leave their spouse to be with her?? Only a pathetic individual would do that! She even thinks in her mind “she’s not a side chick”… hmm, she’s putting her life on hold waiting on Someone who’s married!!! She’s delusional, pathetic & blind. 45 years old and can’t find her own man/woman!!! Too damn old to be fooling around with married ppl like she is! Oh, She also likes kids too, so keep them away from her! She messed with a girl 19 years younger than her, the girl was 16 & Yolande was 35 when she started messing with her… that went on for about 9 years and the whole time Yolande was MARRIED to her daughters father(the girl also went to school with her daughter)!!!!!! SHe has no regard/respect for other women & their marriages, clearly she had no respect for her own marriage. Yolande is only worried about herself & what she wants & doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process. She’s always saying she’s a good person, but good people don’t do the things she’s done!!! She may only befriend you to get close to what she really wants. BE CAREFUL! Someone tell this b*tch they never leave their wives bc she clearly doesn’t understand it!!! Karma gone hit her HARD!!!!!