Complaint: I was in the Pacific Mall in Markham in a store looking at DVDs. A man dressed in jeans and T shirt came into the store. It later turned out that the man dressed in plainclothes was Constable Ricky h*o of the York Regional Police. I didn’t hear him say to the storeowner that he was under arrest but I did hear him mention something about illegal DVDs. I was looking at DVDs and not paying attention to what else was going on in the store. I heard the man mention that the customers should leave and I saw the other two customers leave. He then said to me that I was not being detained. I put the DVD I was looking at back and asked for identification. Ricky h*o was extremely rude, impolite and unprofessional in his response when asked to produce identification. Ricky h*o was not wearing a shoulder patch or any immediately visible police markings. In response to my request for identification, he pointed at a force emblem on his belt but wouldn’t let me touch it. Ricky h*o failed to produce official departmental photo ID. I then said I am leaving. He said – no – you’re not leaving – I want you to produce identification. I said why do I have to give you I.D.? I kept saying – no I am leaving now. As I started to leave he blocked my path. I tried to push past him and he prevented me from going. He said to get down on the floor and put my hands behind my back. I moved back and refused to get down on the floor and put my hands behind my back. I refused because he had told me I was not being detained and I knew I hadn’t done anything illegal. As I was thinking what to do next he pepper sprayed me. I was stunned by this and was attempting to wipe the pepper spray out of my eyes. I then ran at him and grabbed at him to remove him from the doorway. After a brief altercation,

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