concerning YORKIE KENNEL USA….these people had a SADDLE BROOK,NJ address……offered a PARTI YORKIE puppy FOR $700.00 INCLUDING SHIPPING…ALL PAPERS,ETC. insisted on a WALMART 2 WALMART ELECTRONIC TRANSFER. we insisted on sending them a CASHIERS CHECK…which we did…but it was returned to sender. so we did it his way and sent the $ electronically…but lucky again for us someone was on to the scam and would not release the $ at the other end. so all in all we feel lucky…we are not out much money…only shipping costs. two names were involved in this scam …CORNELIUS COOK and JERRY STRAWMAN. THEY HAD LEGITIMATE LOOKING AKC REGISTRATION NUMBERS and a reasonably straight forward sales contract. I have all correspondence emails from these jokers. hope they get nailed……p.s. puppy never showed up….(Website is newly created, August 2018)