For the reason below, it’s clear these people shouldn’t be trusted with money. I donated funds to help a friend’s sick kid. I wanted it to be anonymous, and the website had that option. I also separately donated $15 to I was contacted by my friend to thank me for my donation. I was furious that it wasn’t anonymous and contact, which offered a lame apology. I told them I wanted my $15 gift to them refunded. Instead, they email to tell me they’ve refunded the gift I made to my friend! Meanwhile, he gets a notice telling him the money is going to be pulled from his bank account. He calls me in a panic, telling me that it will cause checks to bounce, etc. I send an email, explaining the situation and asking them to call me to work it out. Instead, they send me a cryptic email with no assurances that the refund will be canceled, or what their intentions are. As a result, I end up going to an ATM late at night to take out money, and meet up with my friend to give it to him in person, so he can deposit into his bank account and avoid bouncing checks. Keep in mind, this was supposed to be my anonymous gift to help him out and help alleviate the stress of a sick kid. Ultimately, I get another email response from, indicating that they don’t offer phone support. There’s apparently no one there who owns a cell phone they could have lent them either. Tonight, I called my bank to dispute the charge. They said they have no record of a refund of my contribution. is both incompetent and careless. .

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