We have been receiving a call from this man utilizing a different name for over 2 years now. First he called the owner of the company and was then redirected to me because I am the Director of Operations and handle all bills, advertising, marketing etc. The individual first contacted us as "Yellow Pages" saying we had an overdue balance a few years ago. Knowing our Yellow Pages account was paid monthly, I felt something was off and contacted Yellow pages directly. YP assured me it was a scam and was not them calling. The scammer was very harsh, persistent, and gave us until the next business day to send money or we would be turned over to collections. We denied him of payment and blocked his number. A few months go by and this man begins calling again and harassing, saying that if we do not pay our balance in full by the end of the business day he will see us in court tomorrow… Funny, I didn’t know our court system operated so quickly. I blocked his number from my phone and stopped hearing from him. Two months went by and we got another phone call, same man, different name all operating out of NJ. This time they’re interested in renewing our advertising contract with one of the 60 versions of Yellow Pages. I realize that I’m talking to the same man from a few months ago and he begins yelling at me — very agitated that I remember his voice and swears that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I spoke to our friend who is a detective and he assured me that we are in the right and that we are being scammed — but this guy "Jonathan Stillman" sent us a fake invoice with an invoice total of $995.95, late fees of $132.42, making it a total balance of $1132.37. We have never agreed or created a contract with "Your Business Online" that just a few days ago was Yellow Pages according to Jonathan. They are extremely persistent. Last time they refused to send documentation via mail or email and got very touchy when we requested certified mail, but they’re stepping up their game this time by creating an invoice and including a website, fax, website, etc. Watch out.. They have gone to great lengths to get money from us, but they will not. What a sad world we live in.