Zachary Walsh farmers Ins Zach Walsh BEWARE Zachary Walsh Groton Connecticut!!. BEWARE!!! ZACHARY WALSH FARMERS INSURANCE. this location is terrible the Agent Zach Walsh is MEAN, RUD and need to be retrained, am suprised how this location is open. I request home insurance and Kim contact me regarding my request for my homowners insurance in 7/18/17, very nice person we schedule in appointment for 7/19/17 at 2:30Pm. this Agent contact me two hours later very unprofessional. I give him my information of my house and he tell me that he give me a call later or the following day, he never contact me and after 3 days I call him and he was very Mean and rud he said to me that he was very busy and he wasn’t interested in my business. any other people looking for his service please read this and don’t contact this Agent Zach Walsh I hope farmers can read this and fire this Agent and hire better Agents.
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