Taxi and limousine service best described it — it’s actually listed as a rideshare. I live in a farming community north of Austin and have to go in every month for an eye appointment to treat and monitor my diabetic retinal edema. I contacted this gentleman to render services in March or April, and the first time around was fine. The second time I called for his services, we made the appointment as to when he would come get me. My appointment was for today, the 28th of May. Two days before, he called me in the morning to ask if he could collect on the money that day (the 26th) because his wife had undergone an emergency appendectomy and they needed cash for a medication. I was hesitant, but since he’d kept his agreement with me the last month, I said OK. I had him sign a receipt that he received the $80.00 from me that he charged for round trip service to Austin and back to where I lived. This morning rolled around and no driver. I called a couple of times, and no answer. No acknowledgement yet. As a result, I have to reschedule my appointment and I’m out $80.00 because of my good nature. I don’t expect to get my money back but I wanted to let others know, especially those who can’t afford to lose $80.00 a pop.

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