Today I tried to buy my daughter a new bike for Christmas, and once I’d found an employee to finally help me out… she was incredibly rude, sarcastic and unwilling to help. She pointed to the dirty, damaged floor model and told me to just take that one. I asked if that was the last one, to which she replied no. There were others in storage but she wouldn’t get a new one until they got around to restocking the floor models. She was simply too lazy to get a new one for me to buy. So I’m stuck with a dinged up dirty one – my daughter will always wonder why Santa brought her a bike with a dirty seat and tires, and a big ding/paint chip in the front fender. As there was no offered discount even after I had asked for one, I paid the same amount as anyone else who will walk in after the new bike is brought to the display. I panicked and bought the bike due to the fact it is already close to Christmas and it’s the only bike my daughter wanted. Why should m

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