I am a Child Care Food program Monitor Contracted with the State Department of education.n nI arrived at Zen Zel store located at Pine and Cincinnati parking lot at 845am. I parked my car so that I can make a phone call and wait for a few minute before proceeding to my 9:00am orientation meeting for a new child care provider. While talking on the phone I noticed a guy looking at me through the store window.nHe then walked out of the store and come over to my vehicle, I asked could I help him, and very rudely, he told me he wanted me to leave his parking lot. I was totally confused as this was the first time I had every visited the store, let alone purchase anything from this particular merchant!nI asked why and tried to explain why I was waiting, and that I was going to purchase coffee when I finished my phone call, he mumbled something to someone on the his cell phone and walked off yelling that he was going to call the police!nI subsequently went into the store in the direction of getting his and/or his managers name, once in the store I was greeted with harassing yells, which included: Im calling the police and whats your name, all the while trying to get his name. Not only do I not deserve this type of treatment, but no customer one does, I would understand if I was loitering or blasting loud music or hanging out with a group of unruly people, but I was simply a young business professional having a conversation within my vehicle; Furthermore by pulling over to talk on the phone was for safety reasons and clarification of the address location of my appointment. I did not know there was a time limit for sitting in ones car before going into the store to make a purchase.nEmbarrassed, humiliated and fueled with utterly frustration, I wanted to wait for the police to arrive and file and a harassment complaint toward this person, but my job duties waited. I am writing this in hopes it will fall in the right hands and someone will have to be responsible for treating a customer in this fashion, in anticipation that my words will spread a long ways and being the best and or worst type of advertisement to make or destroy business. nI am a respectable woman and refuse to take such treatment for no apparent reasoning! I will see to it that I inform everyone I know about this ordeal, a business should not be conducted as such. nVery disappointed would be potential customernCLL

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