I had to return my eyeglasses because they irritated my ear even after multiple adjustments. I guess you get what you pay for. The glasses were returned for a store credit and the shipment was confirmed received at Zenni Optical by the carrier on 04-13-2015 at 12:52pm. Checking my account every day and seeing that the credit was not posted I would either email, go on the chat line, or call. Sometimes all three in one day. I keep getting the response that , it was probably received and still hasn’t been processed but when they do log in the return we’ll post the credit to your account that day or the next. But never do they attempt to determine if it was received or give a date certain when the credit would be posted. In the mean time, I’m wearing damaged glasses, which is the reason I had to purchase new glasses in the first place. i’m beginning to suspect that Zenni Optical, in order to recoup some of the losses on returned items, are playing the float in a sense, and picking up some interest on those funds or worst yet, they may be in financial trouble and can’t process returns in a timely manner. This makes me wonder if I’ll ever do business with this company and for sure I will not refer potential customers. To the contrary, I would like the world to know about this problem. .

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