Complaint: Hello, DO NOT USE THE NAME GARRY and can You use CENTER Wellington County as that is where Fergus is located in. I have a seveer liver Disease called NASG plus I am 66 and was not able to go outside that day January 26, 2012 when my wife called me to the back door of our house and siad these to people would fix the brich work on the front of the house along the steps and under the door. I asked them if they had bricks vey close to the color of the bricks on the and the correct color of cement and they tsaid yes, it is a common color. The bricks and the top of the door step pad was detetiorated because of the salt used in the winter and they verbally quoted a price of 400.00 which I had asked a PROFESSIONAL here in town that I trust and would have gave him or any of his workers the house key as they are boinder,have proper insurance and are me a member of the home builderss and contracting in Ontario. There price was $500.00 for the front door. Somehow these two people talked my wqe into doing the driveway side for another $400.00 but they were too busy do do such a small job untill their work load got a lot smaller. They were almost finished when they asked my wife for $1000..oo saying they did extra work. The next day I phone Shane and he said they would be up that day to clean up the mess they had left on the neighbour’s property–at least a dozen ++++ long distance calls to Brantford when they told me they were from Guelph which is not llong distance. The Police wont invesigate simply because they made an attemp nor will Better Bussine Burough. I can,t even do a Reverse Phone # look up as they are wireless phones. Is there anything you can do as not only am I out $1,000.oo but an additional $10,000.oo the repair the damage they caused. Garry The job that they did will cost in the area of $10,000.00 as per the Professional.

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