Ziegler’s Auto Sales Car Buyer Beware Cincinnati Ohio!!. I went to Ziegler’s Auto Sales to purchase a second vehicle. The full down payment for the 2005 Honda Odyssey was $1500.00. I put $1000.00 down payment on the vehicle on 3/04/17. The first car payment of $280.00 and first half of down payment $250.00 was due on 4/01/17. I lost my job on 3/31/17. I am the only one supporting a family of 5 because my husband, John, is not able to work because of his medical issues. I called Ziegler’s Auto Sales on 4/01/17 to inform them of my situation. I was told to bring the vehicle back to their lot. John and I brought the vehicle back to the lot on 4/01/17. When Ziegler Auto Sales received the keys to the vehicle. We were told “NO REFUNDS”!! We were upset with the outcome but left the lot peacefully. Mr. Ziegler was pressuring us to buy the vehicle by telling us “He had a lot of people wanting the vehicle and it may not be on the lot on Mo

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