Placed an order on 7/6/11 for some cigarette tubes and a few types of tobacco. They promptly took my money but made no effort to contact me for over a month. After numerous unanswered phone calls and emails all they could tell me was they had my order and were taking care of it. After more pestering I found out everything I had ordered was on back-order but a COMPLETE order would be shipped in about a week. Ten days later I emailed them again and was told the tubes were in but they were still waiting for the tobacco. After a couple more unanswered emails I finally got a response that said I would have my order in seven business days or receive a complete refund. After the seven days I had neither but was told my order would ship the next day, 9/1/11. It did, but when I got the package I found out that they had not shipped what I ordered. I got three of the seven items I ordered, the other four items were substitutions I was never told about. I emailed them about it but have heard nothing. nStay away from ziggymart at all costs. They run a very dishonest business and have the worst customer service I have ever heard of. Two months to fill a back-order is one thing but waiting that long and still not getting what I ordered is outrageous. Their phone is never answered and the voice mail is always full. They broke two shipping deadlines and made no effort to inform me of the substitutions or possible options for replacement items. nDO NOT ORDER FROM ZIGGYMART.COM

P.O. BOX 729 Rutland, Massachusetts United States of America


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