Complaint: I purchased a female puppy from Zoe Burba at the end of January, out of Tramin Philosopher and North Star’s Abbey. Zoe is from Madison, Ohio and I paid to have the puppy flown to the airport in Spokane Washington, where I picked her up. I agreed with Zoe that I was purchasing a puppy for breeding (paying an extra $500 for the rights), with good OFA hips and elbows., that I was going to have the preliminary report done at or just after four months of age. The report came back as “borderline hip displasia”” (hip joint conformation). After speaking with my veteriinarian he said he would never keep a puppy for a breeding female with this certification that was received even from the preliminaries. I contacted Zoe about it and she offered to refund only 1/2 the breeding rights price AFTER the dog is spayed. (I told her that we would be selling the puppy on a spay/neuter contract.) I realized then that I could not in conscience SELL a dog I knew was borderline hip displastic

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Address: that i would just be able to “”PLACE her. So I told Zoe that I wanted my money back

Website: I purchased the puppy under the assumption she had a champion for a father and with “”Excellent”” hip rating. First of all this male received his championship from the Ukraine as only a JUNIOR champion (first year)and the hip rating is from the Ukraine as well

Phone: (I would send the puppy back) along with the 1/2 breeding fee (even though I cannot breed her) that she offered