Complaint: / zoplay – DO NOT WORK WITH THESE CHEATS !! STAY AWAY FROM THEM. 0% PROFESSIONALISM, WORKING WITH THEM IS EQUIVALENT TO DRAINING YOUR MONEY DOWN A SEWER AND MONTHS OF FRUSTRATIONS So here’s how it all started, I live in New York and wanted to start my own DATINGO u2013 TINDER CLONE powered by mobile applications and started looking for companies that could provide me a white labelled set of applications. I spoke to these guys at ZOPLAY over a call (a guy called Tom), they told me they have the best product etc (ALL BIG FAT LIES – EVERY SINGLE WORD). I got a little interested and wanted to know what all they can offer me, I had a lot of things in mind to launch after the first app. Started showing DATINGO, TINDER CLONE, ZODATE u2013 DATING SOFTWARE, CAR RENTAL, UBER EATS/FOOD DELIVERY, UBER FOR HANDYMAN and WHAT NOT. HONESTLY !! EVERY APPLICATION IS FREAKING THE SAME APPLICATION, they have JUST ONE JUST ONE app. They sweet talk you into getting the first application, you pay the intial money and they are gone. LOUSY or NO support, they would send you messages saying the application is being built, with ZERO visibility of the work in progress. I started follwing up with them agressively as soon as I started to feel that there is something fishy. You would be amazed to know, there is NO PROCESS, NO SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT, SALES DUDE STOPPED RESPONDING, and these SCAMMERS wouldn’t give me there FOUNDER’S OR CEO’s NAME or CONTACT so that I could talk to someone responsible and capable of taking decisions. When I started pushing too hard, they finally gave me WORTHLESS APPLICATION, COMPLETE RIPOFF, DIDN’T even move from one screen to another. I asked for the code that I have paid for to be pushed to me so that I could get my dev team in NewYork to finish the job, but they stopped communicating right after. Lied to me every single time, about the code being sent to me. When I threathened them of legal actions, they sent some crappy code with ZERO DOCUMENTATION. After I repeatetly begged for a working script or my money back ZOPLAY REPEATETLY lied to me. THESE CHEATS HAVE CAUSED A HUGE LOSS TO MY BUSINESS and STOLEN MY MONEY. 3 MONTHS DOWN I am sitting with a script that DOESN’T WORK, NO DOCUMENTS, MY MONEY ALL GONE TO THESE CHEATS. Honestly, I don’t even know if they have a proper company, never got anything when I asked for a proper infromation about the people who own this business. STAY AWAY FROM ZOPLAY, or any of there DATINGO, TINDER CLONE, ZODATE u2013 DATING SOFTWARE, CAR RENTAL, UBER EATS/FOOD DELIVERY, UBER FOR HANDYMAN, etc. DO NOT LET THEM FOOL YOU. EVEN THE REVIEWS THEY HAVE are FAKE, if they reach out to you, ask them how they about their management and get to talk to them, they will have NOTHING.

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