I purchased a Laney irt60h watt tube amp that i purchased on zzounds , I got my package and was disgusted when I saw how terribly the packaging was . There were hold in the box I go to unpackage the amp but before take a few discriminating pictures to send zzounds . I hook the amp up making sure I’m using the correct impedance an so forth , I go to strum a open e chord and realize the microphonic sound coming from the speaker . So I check and find that I have two bad pre amp tubes . i decide to check the voltage of the output tubes and realize they are out of spec with one another , which means that they are a risk for the well being of the amp . I called zzounds the same day and they directid my to [email protected] i told the service rep that I didn’t want to make a return , being that this was the only blemished amp of this model they had in stock . And he told me to wait for returns to handle it . So I wait and wait , three days later I get an email telling me I can return the amp and get something else or get my money back . I asked , couldn’t I just get some replacement tubes ? They were probably broken during transit being the state the box was in when I recieved it on my door step . They tell me they don’t replace bad tubes . But they will take a return on the amp . I noticed that zzounds took my money faster then they cared to reply ,to my email about my disappointing venture of tube amp buying , To top it all off , zzounds asked me for a reciept which they didn’t even send with my purchase , to prove I bought anything off them . thank god I used pay pal . in conclusion I feel like I got ripped off .

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